Friday, 6 September 2013

Old Blogs, Good Times

I've had a really busy week, a lot of it writing productive. However it hasn't left much brain power for blogs. I have lots of fabulous idea but they all descend into wah wah wah. Meh, no one wants to read a continuous whinge.

One of the most popular blog posts on here was John Goode's Jensen Ackles by a Gay Man. By the most popular, I mean 30x the number of hits for my usual posts.

Now to paraphrase a popular commercial, sometimes you feel like a twink, sometimes you don't. Twinks are stunning to look at but there are times you want someone more aggressive and butches are the shit but sometimes you want a guy that wants to kiss as much as he wants to top. The quintessential problem as been the same since Michelangelo cruised David by asking him if he was a model, to find the guy who had both looks and guts. A pretty boy that could grab your hair and make you squeal was the holy grail of the gay world, and he was on my TV.

I've noticed this post pops up most frequently on my viewed blogs, so I decided to post the links again. Yes Mr Ackles, you still have *it*.

Anyway, although I can't match that with every post, that I shared the love with some other old links this week.

Sweet lad, tender lad,
Have no shame, you’re mine for good;
We share a sole insurgent fire,
We live in boundless brotherhood.
I do not fear the gibes of men;
One being split in two we dwell,
The kernel of a double nut
Embedded in a single shell.

The argument I had difficulty with was the Chicks With Dicks phenomenon. It's a phrase readers use when they believe a hero in m/m fiction behaves in a manner that is unrealistic—by that they seem to mean feminine, though I don't believe the behavior they are detailing is in any way inherently natural for an adult female.
Let's leave aside certain facts about this argument such as the term itself is offensive. (You do not refer to women as chicks. At least, not in the household I grew up in, unless you're dying to get a black eye.) Second, the term is already associated with transsexual porn. ( Googling CWD will not get you a cogent argument or explanation.  It will get you some very interesting porn. )

Plot.  Yeah, most of the books in this genre, when you take all the shifters, angst, and whatever else away, tell one simple story.  Boy meets boy.  Boys fall in love.  Boys live HEA.   And I am fine with that.  But the spaces in between finding out who the boys are, why they love each other, and were they will pick out china patters, that’s what keeps me interested. 

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