Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Social Media: Does it make your head explode?

Getting reluctant employees on board with social media

"People who use social media are sad losers who don't have a life."

"Facebook? Full of women talking about cake and cats."

"Twitter is full of people promoting their book and following Stephen Fry"

"Pinterest is for wasting time."

"LinkedIn? What's that?"

I have seen so many negative comments about the use of social media but the fact is, for people like me, we'd never have a chance to sell our books to a worldwide audience without all the different media available.

I am a technophobe. I admit it. The thought of trying new sites sets up wibbles in my stomach. However once I realised that my books weren't going to be in the usual bookshops and no TV host was rushing to offer me an interview I realised it was up to me. My initial thought was very Giles from Buffy.
I'm doomed.

How to create your social media strategy
What did I do? I asked someone who was and is still doing it splendidly. She set me up on Facebook and that was my first experience of trying to sell 'me', my covers and my books. I've made friends from authors, readers and reviewers, plus other friends I've met along the way who have nothing to do with my writing world. I've made friends, lost friends, sold books and had fun. I've met some of these new friends, they've become real life buddies and stayed with others in America. I also use the promo sites for my books.

So I've cracked Facebook. What about Twitter? Yes, I'm here as well. Twitter's given me the chance to follow LGBT activist sites and follow trending issues such as the same sex marriage debates in Westminster and Texas state senator Wendy Davis' filibuster back in June. But it also gives me the chance to connect with readers, promote my books and discuss the ones I'm writing now to help generate interest and excitement.

So what about other social media sites? What are they for? I do like this explanation.

I am on Pinterest and Google + although they tend to be promoting my blog or my covers. I don't socialise on Google+ since I got trolled. 

So there we are. I'm not as effective as some of my author friends in using social media, but I do enjoy it and I've sold my books along the way.  

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  1. Goodness Sue could you possibly be any funnier? I don't think so. That Social Media Explained piece is hilarious!!!