Saturday, 30 November 2013

Password, dear password

Many moons ago I stood in a shop and stared at the then new chip and pin device and thought "What the hell is my pin number?"

The man behind the counter sneered at me. "It's only four digits. Good grief, surely you can remember four numbers." Even if you are a woman wasn't spoken but sure as hell was implied.

Way to go on making the customer feel small, dipshit. I didn't go back there again.

But it's not just four numbers, is it? It's the pin number for your debit card and your credit card and your phone and Sky, it's the password for your email and your blog and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and what happens when you've got more than one of each. How many digits and numbers are swirling around in your brain?

And what about all those security questions? Mother's maiden name, first pet, first school etc. The list is endless. Please don't ask me to make up my own.

I used to use two passwords for everything but now they want capital letters, make it this length, that length, it's weak, medium, strong, not bloody good enough.

Please, I haven't got that much brain power left. So Mr Snark from the shop, if a person stands in front of you, struggling to remember their pin, don't sneer at them because you can bet your sweet life they've got another twenty to remember.


  1. And they tell us not to use 'password'. Would make life so much easier, wouldn't it? heheheh

    1. It seems a good one to me. Long enough and all that.

  2. They are such a necessary E V I L!!! I've taken to keeping a notebook with all my passwords in it. Except of course recently I discovered I forgot to write down the new password for our wireless router and it took us forever to figure it out. Oy!

  3. Try Password Box. It will save you.