Thursday, 21 November 2013

Shutting Up or Passive Aggressive?

I know that as a 'public figure' (in the minor sense) Sue Brown should shut up but dear Lord, there are some days it's hard to keep quiet. In two days I've exploded twice and my poor dogs are getting used to me shrieking at the screen.

Over the last few years, I've tended to shut up about the irritants because if I started I'd never stop, and I do want people to buy my books. Instead I talk about issues that mean a lot to me; LGBT rights, religion in society, equal marriage. Which reminds me... way to go Scotland, Hawaii and Illinois!

So, I usually sit on my hands when I see something That. Really. Annoys. Me. If you can imagine the wording is slightly stronger. The most I let fly is a passive aggressive comment on Facebook. But sometimes being good just isn't enough. I want to open my mouth and let flow with all the venomous prose that is bubbling up inside me.

I am so envious of people who can put their point of view across with elegance and poise, or with sarcasm and humour. Fellow author, Kage Alan is a master of the blog. If you haven't read his blog I suggest you hot foot over there now. I come off as a whiny Brit. I am a Brit, I just don't want to be a whiny one.

So, without Kage's mad skills, how does one say what one wants to without coming over as passive-aggressive? Because if I don't say what I think I am going to combust and it won't be pretty.

Perhaps I'm going to have take lessons from the masters of snark. Stephen Fry comes to mind. Does he do a masterclass in the art of the controlled barb?

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