Friday, 22 November 2013

The Short, Dumpy Woman In The Corner with the Biscuits

I was scrolling through Facebook as you do, because why should I be writing when I could be wasting time, and I saw one of my good friends complain that she hadn't eaten anything all day because she had been so busy writing.

Could she please bottle this focus and send it over to me because I am not that woman, and I really really want to be her. I am the complete opposite. I am so distracted at home, by the dogs, by the phone, by the mess, by that really scrumptious packet of chocolate biscuits that has my name written all over it. I wake up determined to avoid carbs. Hmmm, failed that with the toast. Then I struggle with a scene. Maybe the biscuit will help. Dammit, try again. Lunch... moving on swiftly. Dinner. I do like to be by the sea side. Can you tell I'm avoiding the subject?

I try not to munch as I work but the food is just calling to me.

  Sue. Sue. Come to me. Eat me.

Sob!! Poor me. So, fellow author, please bottle your focus and post it to me.

c/o The Short, Dumpy Woman in the Corner with the Biscuits
Sitting on the End of the Settee
In the Room where the Dogs Snore


  1. Chocolate biscuits DO talk very loudly, sometimes I can be at home and hear them in Tesco's!
    Dog's snoring is preferable to dog's .... well ... the other end.
    And I now sit with my back to the mess, if I can't see it its not there right??!
    PS If you're dumpy what the hell does that make me!!

    1. I do like your answers. Chocolate biccies have a very loud voice and I won't tell you what comes out of the other end of the doggie.

  2. That's why I have to get out of the house to write. I do my best with my laptop at Starbucks or the library. (I count a white peppermint mocha as serious writer inspiration.)

    1. I love Starbucks and the library. They are my favourite places to write. Unfortunately my dog is wrecking the house whilst I'm out.

  3. Care package on the way. You were ordering more biscuits... right? (Would hate to ruin a good thing since I love what comes out of your corner.)

    1. My biscuits are here waiting for you to join me.