Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Why should I care who Tom Daley sleeps with?

Like the world and its wife I listened to Britain's Olympic champion diver, Tom Daley's, 'coming out' yesterday, and my initial thought was surprise. I thought the diver was already out to be honest. I keep little track of 'celebrities', be they sportmen or women or actors and actresses, but Tom Daley is regularly plastered across my newsfeeds generally wearing a smile and very little else, so I at least know who he is.

Whether he is gay or bi, and yes, Daily Telegraph and your readers, there is a difference, the man chose to make it public yesterday. He is happy. Good for him.

Do I care who makes him happy? Not really. You know me well enough that I don't care whether you're bisexual,  lesbian, gay, straight, transsexual, asexual, pansexual; it's never mattered to me and I've never understood why people get their knickers in a twist over something that is not their business.

This year there has been a steady stream of actors and sportsmen coming out to a steadily unsurprised world. And yes, Tom Daley's announcement isn't really a surprise. And like all the others I'm happy if they're happy. But the significance isn't aimed at people like me. It's aimed at the people out there young and old, for whom coming out is an issue. For those who see men and women who were bullied like Tom standing up and saying 'this is who I am'. For those who are desperate to come out. For those for whom anything other than straight makes them deeply uncomfortable - yes, that young lad whom you cheered at the Olympics is 'one of them'. For those who despise homosexuals - yes, you, your sands are shifting and I hope you move your opinions to a firmer, less bigoted, ground.

Suddenly LGBT are opening the closet doors and standing in the sunshine, and I hope they never go back inside.

I have nothing more to say about Tom, except I hope he gets gold in Rio. That's what's important, not who he sleeps with.


  1. Great post, Sue
    This is perfect <3 "Suddenly LGBT are opening the closet doors and standing in the sunshine, and I hope they never go back inside."

  2. I couldn't agree more. I've always told people as long as it's 2 consenting adults whatever goes is ok. NEVER wrong!