Tuesday, 7 January 2014


If you prefer to get your fix at All Romance Ebooks, you will be happy to know that the following two stories are now available for your reading pleasure!



After the death of his beloved dog, Harry, Peter Mitchell refuses to consider getting a new dog. Besides which, Peter has his hands full with his partner, Dr Evan Wells. The vet is surprisingly sensitive about Peter's feelings and doesn't nag Peter about getting a pet. Of course, not nagging and not doing anything about it are two different things, at least in Evan's mind.

When Peter is presented with a small red bundle of fur to hold, he realises the devious vet planned their new arrival and, worse, she's already got a name. Peter may not have a choice about their dog, but he's going to put his foot down over her name. He should know better.

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Previously published in Chasing the Dream by Silver Publishing.

Caught by an unexpected rain shower, Tony DiMarco sought shelter in a bar, only to hesitate on the doorstep as he discovered Mac's Bar was the last place he should be seen if he wanted his world to stay intact.

Having made it over the doorstep, the last thing Tony expects is to be propositioned by the hot bartender and his equally hot cousin. Mac and Chase make it clear it's his decision but Tony is torn between his desires and his responsibilities. On a sudden whim he decides to let the raindrops sheeting down the window make the decision. If they go right, he'll say yes to a night of sex that might blow his world apart. If they go left, he'll leave and never look back.

Tony watches the raindrops race down the window and holds his breath as he waits for the answer.

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Tony watched the raindrops race down the window and held his breath as he waited for the answer.

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  1. That's great Sue! I buy a fair few books through ARe 'cause Amazon often is too expensive for us continental Europeans ( $3.00-3.50 extra per book adds up when you buy hundreds of stories a year)