Monday, 31 March 2014

Oh lord, it's Monday again

Seriously, I shouldn't complain about Mondays. It means the kids are back at school and the house is peaceful. I guess that 'Monday morning' feeling is ingrained in all of us.

I have good news. My story, Falling for Ramos, has been accepted by Dreamspinner and should be out October(ish). I am also in a position of having a potential cover, by the very talented Ian Brown (no relation). Being more of a photo girl, it is not often I get actual artwork affecting me but this young man certainly did. I am hoping to feature more of Ian's work on my covers with future books.

I have two weeks before Rainbow Con and I hope to get another story finished, fingers crossed Stormin' Norman, which has been delayed because of writer's block. I hate not finishing stories and this one I've half written twice. What is in my head doesn't fit the Lyon Road series at all.

Wish me luck with Norman and have yourself a great week.

Love and kisses,


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