Monday, 24 March 2014

RIP Christian Smith

I don't normally go 'off-topic' but the death of this man, Christian Smith, really twisted my heart. He was doing a wonderful thing; cycling 248 miles around Kent and Sussex to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity. He was knocked off his bike and died in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Christian was doing a great thing, by himself. No fuss or fanfare, just cycling for a cause which isn't a fashionable pretty colour cause. You can read more about it on his just giving page. Ironically he's raised far more money by his death than he probably would have in life, as is always the way. At this point it stands at over £46000. He wanted to raise £1000.

I lost my nephew ten years ago, knocked off his bike by an impatient driver, so you can imagine that any form of cycling accident wrenches my gut. 

Christian Smith was doing something that made a difference because he knew what it was like have mental health issues.
"I have had my own misfortune to suffer from a spate of poor mental health, which was unexpected and has been a real 'game changer' in how I now view the future," he said
I hope the money he raises makes a huge difference to someone who needs that support. RIP Christian.

Sue xx

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