Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rainbow Con: People Watching

Day 2: Not wanting to move.

I'm a wee bit tired today. Despite the long day yesterday and getting to bed at 'my' four in the morning, my wretched mind was still in travel mode. I don't think my brain got off the plane until part way through today. I didn't sleep much last night, but I'm hoping for better things tonight. Also someone's alarm better not go off at six tomorrow. That's all I'm saying. *glares at roomie*

I sat in the lobby today and watched people arrive. There's nothing like hordes of very fit teenage tennis players to make this out-of-shape author feel really old. However I did get the chance to talk to lovely Angel Martinez as her room wasn't ready.

As we talked more people rolled in. Rhys Ford gives great hugs! So here is me with Rhys Ford, Gryvon, Angel Martinez and Nicole Dennis.

L.E. Franks' photo
What else? Oh yes, dinner organised by Jodi Pushkin at Ruby Tuesday. L.E. Franks lied. I'm just telling you that in case she says different. She told me I wouldn't need long sleeves, but then we sat outside and I froze. I'm always cold. The food was yummy and I got to sit with Charlie Cochet, Dean Pace-Frech, K-Lee Klein and Michael Rupered.

I love the fact we get to talk to so many different people. I wish I'd discovered cons earlier. Just having conversations with people who don't think you've got two heads because of what you write is wonderful.

Anyway, I ended the day with coffee and curled up on the sofa chatting to L.E. Franks. Plus yawning. I did a lot of that.



Day 1: Where's the taxi?

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