Saturday, 12 April 2014

Silver Publishing

There are many posts going around about Silver Publishing. Please read here for the details from AJ Llewellyn.

I received my rights back to Chance to be King, Stolen Dreams, The Layered Mask and Backpack the beginning of last week. Many thanks to Brenna Lyons for sending me the letter. The first two I have submitted to Dreamspinner and the last two I am going to self-publish.

I have mixed feelings about Silver. Like many people I have no idea what I've sold over the past year and whether the money I received bore any relation to the actual royalties. Then the money dried up completely. However, unlike some of my fellow authors, Silver was not my major source of income.

Silver was one of the publishers that gave me my first start in publishing, and for that I thank them. I learnt a lot from the editor, Alison Mann.

I'm not going to talk any further on the subject. I don't know much because I'd stood back from the whole mess last year - there's too much going on in my family to deal with Silver at the same time.

Sue xx

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