Sunday, 4 May 2014

What the hell happened to the last three weeks?

What the hell happened to the last three weeks?

I... have no idea.

I know I worked my arse off between day 3 and returning 2 weeks later. Rainbow Con was amazing and exhausting. I kind of died in San Francisco. The Dreamspinner author workshop in Portland was amazing and exhausting, And I've died since I returned thanks to jetlag and feeling like death warmed up.

So, rather than going through everyday three weeks late, here are some pics of the DSP workshop and tomorrow I'll post pics of San Francisco and Tampa.

Me and K.C. Wells (my roomie in Portland)

My Fairy Godmothers - Lynn West and Elizabeth North from Dreamspinner. (Via Elizabeth North)

Dreamspinner family photo (via Elizabeth North)

Me and lovely Pearl Love outside Powells bookshop in Portland (via LE Franks)

Me chilled in the lobby in Portland. Phone in hand of course. (via LE Franks)

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