Saturday, 17 May 2014

Writer's Retreat

I've been away at a writer's retreat for the last couple of days. Organised by RJ Scott and Love Lane Books, six of us (Chris Quinton, RJ Scott, Meredith Russell, Serena Yates, Violet Joicey-Cowan and me) stayed at Horwood House for a couple of days. We were joined by Garrett Leigh and T.J. Masters at different points, plus RJ's friend who 'runs the NHS', and who came to keep RJ under control provide medical information.

We worked hard (honest) and I manned the flipchart. We have plans! Dun dun dun! And a potential writing collaboration. Watch this space! However we did have funtime as well. Sadly no strippers. RJ wouldn't cough up for strippers. Meanie!

By the way, just mention 'Ginger' to RJ. Heh heh heh!

Horwood House was lovely, except for finding the bedrooms. Seriously, that was your best plan? I've never met a place where you can get lost every single time. We could have been wandering for hours.
From the top left. Horwood House. Me, TJ Masters, Chris Quinton, Me, Meredith Russell, Violet Joicey-Cowan, Meredith Russell and RJ Scott. 

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