Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Life is like a rollercoaster at the moment in the Brown household. Full of ups and downs and twists and turns. For the past year I've not really known what the day is going to be like when I open my eyes, but I guess that is typical of most people.

We're in a holding state at the moment, not sure whether the next move is going up or down. That's okay though. In the holding pattern books get written, problems get tackled. One day even the garden may stop looking like a jungle.

Just out:

Isle of Waves is out in Audiobook.


I've just signed a contract for Ed & Marchant, the follow up to Frankie & Al. Falling for Ramos is in Edits. The Wolves of Sapphire Ranch, a new series, has been contracted with Love Lane Books. The first book is The Last Wolf. I have submitted The Next Call to Dreamspinner.


  1. Busy Sue = Happy Fans! :) Thx for all the fun reading hrs.

  2. YAY ! It is good for us :D