Sunday, 15 June 2014

Who writes MM romance.

It's one in the morning and I'm seriously pissed off. The two aren't connected except that I should really be in bed now instead of trying to write this blog post.

This evening I had the misfortune to read a short blog post purporting to represent the views of some of our most well known MM writers. Yeah right. It was clickbait, designed to anger the MF writers/readers and infuriate the MM writers/readers. It worked.

The lovely and always classy Amy Lane has written her post here, pointing out that context is everything. She says it far better than I can, so my points are purely personal.

1) MM is not focused on female characters. M.M. It should give you a clue.
2) Women write MM. Men write MM. Some authors don't stick to the binary paradigm. They write MM too.
3) MM is not second best to MF just as women are not second best to men.
4) Female characters appear in MM. Strong/weak, good/bad, funny/sad. all kinds of women - wow, just as in life.
5) Just because we chose to write MM does not make us weirdos.
6) Why the fuck are we having to defend ourselves again!

Dammit, I've had enough of defending my writing world. Now I'm going to bed.


  1. It is truly a shame that Amy Lane and the other lovely ladies who were interviewed were so poorly represented in that article.

    The gender of the author should not matter in any genre. Good writing should stand on its own. I don't mind asking "wow, how did you get into writing that?" but we should never have to answer "WHY do YOU write THAT??"

  2. All excellent points! Dare I say, short & sweet... and to the point.
    Well done!