Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy Sunday

I finally submitted The Last Wolf to Love Lane Books this morning. Two weeks late but at least it got done, with much appreciated help from RJ Scott, SA Meade and Lisa Worrall.

I had lunch with Lisa Worrall and we brainstormed In-Decision, the sequel to Lisa's Un-Expected. I'm excited about writing this book. They are Lisa's characters. I hope I do them justice or she'll kill me.

I've not been too well recently and working myself up into a right state about the symptoms. Fortunately Lisa gave me a smack around the head and pointed out what it could be, rather than what I was thinking. I'm going to the doctors asap and hopefully I'll be feeling much better soon.

And just because...

Tower Bridge in London


  1. Ok. With one article you touched on so much. First sorry you've been under the weather, it happens to everyone. Just remember take care of yourself. ( the cartoon was hilarious) Second I loved Un-Expected and really looking forward to your In-Decision, I'm sure it'll be great. Third really looking forward to The Last Wolf, it sounds like it'll be good (hopefully great :) ). Lastly your pic of the Tower Bridge made me smile, it's beautiful. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Kendra. Now I know what's wrong with me I've got the right medication to help.