Friday, 18 July 2014


Earlier on this week on my incessant trawl through the internet I saw a word I hadn't seen before. "Spornosexual" Do what? I'm familiar with hetero/homo/bi/pan/a/metro, but spornosexual...?

Who would I turn to for a definition? In this case, Richard and Judy in the Express.

"The new in-word for guys like Gary [Lineker] is “spornosexual”, a metrosexual bloke (keep up, they’re so last year) who has updated his beach body to resemble a hybrid sport and porn star."
Gary Lineker

The word was coined by journalist Mark Simpson, who originally gave us metrosexual. Twenty years? I can't believe the word is that old.

And now I finally understand why these photos of  Bobby and Harry from TOWIE were plastered all over my Facebook.

Even the BBC has an interview with a young guy who agrees he could be classified as a spornosexual. He has a different perspective.

Do you think you may be a spornosexual? The Telegraph has a quiz to help you. (I am having shades of Cosmo here). I don't think the Telegraph was that impressed. Their headline ran

If this is what spornosexual means, then God help us all

Me? I'm not convinced the end of the world is nigh because guys go to extremes to look good.

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