Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday thankfulness #1

I was tagged by the very beautiful Anastasia Vitsky to tell the world what I'm thankful for.

So before I go to bed here are some of the things that make me thankful:

  • My kids. They drive me insane on a regular basis but I love them. Especially as they've got older and our relationship has changed.
  • My dogs who love my skill with the food bag me. Of course they do. But they give me love and cuddles and get me off my arse and walking over the beautiful common.
  • Finding a venue for the M/M Romance authors book signing. I had a few sleepless nights about that.
  • The number of readers and authors who are excited by the book signing.
  • My bed. 
  • Friends who kick my arse when the story isn't quite right. 
  • A neighbour who's helped me get rid of my old car.
  • Clare London. She knows why.
  • Liz and Ollie the collie, for fantastic dog walks.
  • Coffee
  • My sisters. I adore them both. Since my mum died when I was eighteen I don't know what I'd have done without them.


  1. YAY! Welcome to Thankfulness Thursday, Sue! Look at that...eleven items of thankfulness and not one episode of teeth gritting.

    I hope you enjoy your bed and have lovely, sweet dreams.

    Anastasia Vitsky

  2. I'm with you Ms. Brown. My thankful list always starts with my sons too. Thx for sharing.