Sunday, 5 October 2014

Interesting Blogs: Compromise

This last year has been difficult for me. Two major family issues arrived at the same time and neither have been resolved. Both have affected my time to write, and for a while, caused writer's block that I didn't think was going to end. You may think that not writing for a few months doesn't matter, but when you rely on every last penny of the royalties just to get through the month, believe me, it matters.

The other effect for me is the length of book I can produce. Whilst I would like to produce constant lengthy books, in reality 30k/month is about my limit. I have had to compromise on word count and at times, it has hurt my writer's soul. However this is my day job and I know that I learn from each story. You can say as much in 10k as in 100k. The trick is making each word count.

Trawling through some blogs today I saw a couple on compromise that I thought I'd share. The first is on artistic compromise by Josh Lanyon and aimed at authors.

"And this is where you must be honest with yourself. If you define “success” as making money writing or having a lot of people read your work, then you must be realistic about whether your stories are commercial. You must accept that you liking something is not automatically the same as being commercial. You must analyze and evaluate the books in your chosen genre that are commercial, and you must consider what these books have that yours do not. And no, “lots of sex” is not usually the answer. As comforting as this is to believe."

The second is a personal testimony from RJ Scott (who linked Josh's blog) on Compromise and Success.

"I've said it before and I will say it again - The Fireman And The Cop was a compromise. At the time I desperately wanted to write another Texas book, but I couldn't because it was tied up in the Silver mess. Also I was hit so hard by that financially, that I needed a commercial success. But, as soon as I sat down to write a formula that would sell - my characters yanked me away from the edge. So yes, I have the fireman, yes I have the cop, but they have complicated back stories, and their romance whilst quick, is fraught with danger."

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