Friday, 31 October 2014

We deserve more

I have something to say.  As I've already written it on my Facebook wall I'm just reposting it here.

I love my genre. In the five years I've been reading and four years I've been writing M/M romance has grown and blossomed into a valid and viable genre of its own. We are professionals and one of the main reasons I love my genre is the friendship and respect we show each other; all of us, whatever gender or sexual orientation. There are tensions, as there are in any community. Sometimes I feel we're always on the defensive. For what we write, for who we are. I'm not going to apologise for the fact I don't take gender-bashing lightly, however it's disguised. Humour is subjective. I get that. A lot of humour flies over my head. But nastiness wrapped up in humour is still nastiness. We don't deserve it. Not the readers, not the writers, not the bloggers.

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