Friday, 26 December 2014

A belated Merry Christmas

Hello all,

A very belated Merry Christmas to you all. I'm sorry for falling behind again, but I had flu - the stay in bed and don't get up flu. Then my kids got it. I still can't drink coffee and believe me, that is hard *sob*, But we are germ free and very relaxed for Christmas.

Secondly an apology. Between my sister's illness, her death and funeral, and then getting the flu, Bells and Balls has been delayed. I'm aiming for 30th December now. I didn't mean to be delayed but my brain just hasn't really saddled up.

We went to see Les Miserables in London and wandered through Covent Garden, where Bells and Balls is set. Look! Lots of balls!

I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year. 

With much love, Sue xx

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  1. Glad you're feeling better. Happy holidays to you. :)