Saturday, 6 December 2014

Saying Goodbye

I've been away for a few days at the funeral and memorial service for my sister. It's been a bittersweet time for me. On the one hand I got to see my family, including my gorgeous niece, her daughter and nephews who live down under, and on the other - yeah, saying goodbye to my lovely sister. I've wept buckets recently and the sight of her smiling face on the order of service set me off again.

We (the Browns) don't get to see each other enough. Over the last few years it's been weddings and funerals. For the first time in too long we had a family dinner and a family breakfast at a hotel and all credit to them for accommodating us. I got the chance to catch up on each of their individual families and drool over pics of my shiny, new great-nephew. But one person was missing and her absence was a hole in our hearts.

The morning of the memorial service was a whirlwind of weather patterns. We walked out of the hotel to see a rainbow.

I'm sure AJ Llewellyn won't mind me sharing a comment she left on my Facebook post, that made a lot of us sob again.

 in Hawaii a rainbow before a funeral is a very good omen. It means your family's ancestors and the entire heavens have scooped her up and carried her across the rainbow. Her spirit is at peace and she is happy. Thank you for posting this. Thinking of you today xxx

I'm not sure what the sleet was about later on though.

Anyway I am back, and now I'm going to take the weekend to recover and think about the wonderful woman we left forever on her adopted island home.

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  1. At a guess the sleet was the devil wailing at missing his chance. My father lived in New York City in the 30s and was 'a streetcar ride away from his father's 11 siblings and his mother's "8 daughters and a brother for each of them" as his grandfather described his 9 children. This meant that most of the large family gatherings were weddings or funearly and as one of the youngest he was frequently cataloged like a science experiment as to which part of whose family he came from and how did he relate to each if the querents.

    My mother is the one we lost to cancer and while her family was smaller in number it was more dispersed while she was young. Her mother was the farm girl with 7 siblings who is also my only WW1 vet having been a Red Cross nurse.

    In my life there have been fewer weddings than funerals simply because there've been fewer of us to get married. My parents and my mother's parents saw their 50th anniversaries and those too were occasions to meet up.

    The gaps and absences are always hard and while each new sprout in the garden of our memories is dear and wonderful, the absent flowers are missed. Their former places become less raw and vacant over time, but they're never not missed.

    Sorry if I've overrun my point. Just wanted to share what's been stewing in the back of my brain.