Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Is it Friday Yet?

Sadly, it isn't Friday. I've been informed I should stop talking about Friday because it just upsets people. Friday is still in the distaaaaaaaaaaaance.


So onto good news. The hospital told me my boobs are fabulous. No Big C. I can ignore the last six weeks and celebrate. Which I did with a very nice pear cider. I don't usually drink cider because it makes me fall down, but this was rather nice.

I am also warm and clean. I succumbed to the need to be warm and bunged an extortionate amount of money on the credit card to get the boiler manufacturer's engineers out to repair the damn thing. All the plumbers around here mumbled and muttered but five minutes and hah! It just shows you need the right people to do the job, even if my credit card cried.

Stolen Dreams comes out tomorrow! Woohoo!! *pets my story*

I'm trying to catch up now. I really haven't been able to focus since the beginning of November when my sister took a turn for the worse. Now I've got to put my arse in gear and get my stories written for the end of the year. Ooh that rhymes.

Okay, shall I end with something pretty? Why not,

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