Thursday, 1 January 2015

What Will 2015 Bring?

Happy New Year, my lovelies.

Bye Bye 2014

The Bad

I'm not sorry to see the back of 2014. I went into the last year knowing that I would lose my sister at some point during the year. I hated every last wish for a wonderful 2014 knowing it wouldn't be. My amazing sister lasted until November and we had a wonderful few days with her in July. At the same time I've been dealing with other crap with family and finances but that's too personal to discuss.

The good

I loved my time in Tampa, Portland and San Francisco at the Rainbow conference, staying with LE Franks and at the Portland DSP workshop. It's amazing to meet people I talk to online. It was also great to meet authors and readers at the UK GLBT meet and the book signing in September.

All in all 2014 has been an annus horribilis with some good points.

Hello 2015

I have/had plans for 2015. I'm now waiting to see if some things are going to be put on hold. But in theory these are the books definitely coming out as at the start of 2015.

The Hidden Wolf
Stolen Dreams
The Next Call
Anthony & Leo
Letters from a Cowboy

Now I have a part-time day job I'm aiming to increase the word count back to long novellas/novels as often as I can.

I also have plans to deliver a Regency, a scifi, a cowboy and a crime series this year.

On the personal front both my kids are taking exams this year so the Brown household for the first half of the year should be Meltdown Central. I'll be very happy to reach July. Wish me luck.

I may have to delay some conference plans but I'll explain more about that over the next couple of weeks.

To all of you, I wish you a Happy New Year and extra huggles if you need it.

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