Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I'm having a lazy Sunday on the sofa. Yesterday I tided and cleaned and cooked for guests. It was a great evening and I didn't poison the guests. Result! But I'm knackered today. Jumanji is on the TV, the dogs are snoozing and I'm not planning on doing a lot aside from sorting out some blog posts.

I spent most of the last week working but sadly not writing. I need to get the day job/writing balance right which I haven't managed yet.

This week I went to the library for the first time in years. I want to do some research on current crime novels. I have no idea what's out there at the moment. I realised I haven't read outside the genre in eight years. Eight years, And I haven't read even a fraction of the MM genre. Isn't that great? So much to read, so little time. 


Recommended books: 

I really enjoyed John Inman - Payback

When Tyler Powell's life is torn apart by an unspeakable crime, the need for vengeance takes over. Every moment of every day, as he tries to pull his shattered existence together again, it's all he can think about—revenge. 

Will he give in to his rage and become the very thing he hates most? A killer? 

Only with the help of Homicide Detective Christian Martin, the cop in charge of his case, does Tyler see the possibility of another life beginning—the astounding revelation of another love reaching out to him. A love he thought he would never know again. 

Will he let that love into his life, or is he lost already? Is payback more important to Tyler than his own happiness? And the happiness of the man who loves him? Tyler is determined to find a way to exact his revenge without sacrificing all hope for a future with Christian, but it will be difficult—if not impossible—and in the end he might be forced to make an unbearable choice.


Story roundup - Clare London and I have spent more time sorting out Lee and Patrick's story in the With a Kick series over a rather nice fish and chips.

The Next Call came out during the week. I have a bit of a break now before the next release.

The Next Call

Mark Grayson volunteers for an LGBT helpline, the same one that helped him through his teenage years. One day he takes a call from “Ricky,” a suicidal man being forced into a marriage he doesn't want. For weeks Mark talks to Ricky and provides support, but he’s frustrated by the lack of information Ricky provides and the decisions he’s making. In the meantime, Mark starts a relationship with another volunteer. Then tragedy strikes and Mark takes time away from the helpline, but when he comes back, Ricky is waiting. Mark realizes Ricky is stronger than before and their relationship changes, but Mark isn’t sure what their future holds if their relationship is destined to be at the end of the phone.

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