Friday, 27 March 2015

Promotion, Podcasts and Poppy

Confession time for the week.

I'm a coward.

Yes, I am. 

I'm a Coward, Too - Invertedby crmsndragonwngs

I'd love to be one of these people who travels the world on her own like my friend Katrina, goes potholing and abseiling like my ex. Sadly even rollercoasters make me go green at the thought.

But this week I did two things that I was afraid to do.

On Monday I did a podcast with my friend, John Goode.

And on Wednesday I took part in a googlechat with the very lovely Poppy Dennison, Kim Fielding and Tara Lain.

I had a weekend of panicking and could I think of anything to get out of it? But I didn't. I was a brave Sue and I had a lot of fun.

Thank you, John and Poppy. I've got over another fear now.

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