Monday, 20 April 2015

The Hidden Wolf

If you follow me you may be wondering what the heck is happening to The Hidden Wolf, the sequel to The Last Wolf. It appeared for a tour twice but it never got published. I don't usually give the journey of my books from starting to publication but I owe an explanation for this one.

The birth of this book has probably the hardest of all the books I've written recently. If it was a real baby it would have been a pregnancy from hell. I'll be honest and say my publisher rejected the first version, and when I let another editor friend read the second version she described it as 'a total mess'. 

What was the problem? To be blunt I had a Game of Thrones size universe in a teeny tiny book. Too many plot lines and it was too confusing. Yes, I screwed up.

Then my sister died and I had the cancer scare and and and... you get the picture.

No Hidden Wolf.

I picked it up again because my publisher wanted a new start. I wrote version 1, 2, 3 and 4. None of it worked. 

I was beginning to despair I'd ever finish it, then on my train ride to London on Saturday I had an epiphany.

The end result - Hidden Wolf is finished, with the publisher and accepted.

I AM SO HAPPY!!!! Sheriff Milo and Eli will get their story.

We're aiming for 22nd May for publication and my baby will finally see the light of day,

The Sapphire Ranch Wolves
Book #2 The Hidden Wolf

Sheriff Milo Clarke has met his mate, Eli Watkins, and now they're conducting a long distance relationship while Eli runs the Cavalry, the security firm protecting Joe and Cal at the Sapphire Ranch from the hunters. The long distance loving is hard on all three of them, Eli, Clarke and Clarke's wolf, who is becoming more restless as Clarke refuses to shift. When Clarke going to give into the other side of him and how will Clarke and Eli resolve the distance between their lives?
Book#1 The Last Wolf

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The only good predator is a dead one, as far as Joe Lowther is concerned.

That is until the day he shoots a wolf, only to watch the animal turn into a naked Callum Pope. Cal is being hunted by a group of humans who eradicate shifter packs for sport.

Joe makes a decision to help Cal and discovers a deeper connection with the young shifter. One which he’d like to explore. If they live that long.

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