Thursday, 28 May 2015

Interesting Blogs:8 Reasons Why Authors Are Assholes from WhimsyDark

I saw this on Facebook and I wish I could post this everywhere.

8 Reasons Why Authors Are Assholes from WhimsyDark
Being "on" all day is challenging, and that's before you add in travel, time zones, jet lag, sleeping in a different place, writing deadlines, and the aftermath of the bar. Most cons or festivals have the writers heavily scheduled with panels, meal events, parties, signings, readings, and receptions. Even if you see a huge, gaping hole in a writer's posted schedule, they may have a two-hour lunch with an editor or a series of podcasts that will leave their vocal chords shredded and their brain mushy. When you say hi and they stare straight through you as they tug a bag of books through the halls, it might be that they've forgotten how words work. (bolding mine)
I remember falling apart in Chipotle in San Francisco last year, when I didn't understand the menu, or what to do, or all the choices. Yes, I was pathetic. Jet-lagged, overtired and over there. LOL. Thank heaven for the lovely LE Franks.

Another reason in this blog is the author might be having a major problem.

The last two years has been a continuous roll of drama in the Brown household. Seriously. Not of which I've made public because I like to keep my family at a distance from 'Sue'. Between kid problems, health issues, my lovely sister being terminally ill and financial issues, it's been a hell of time. And I'm conscious that I haven't been as friendly or helpful as I should have been.

So this is a sincere apology from me and a promise that this author will aim to do better.

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  1. I am constantly amazed how authors seem to be Wife/Mother/sister etc run a house, have a job look after children, husband and also then find time to write. I think it should be classed as a superpower!!!