Wednesday, 13 May 2015

MM Romance Meeting Uno: The Dress

I have three blogs to write about the inaugural Italian MM Romance meeting I went to with my bestie, the wonderfully talented Lisa Worrall. The first one is about 'the dress', the second which will be on RJ Scott's blog is about (at this point I've forgotten oh god middle-age) being interviewed, and the third is about Fabio, yes, Fabio, which will be on Outside the Margins (Prism Book Alliance). I'll link all of them here as they go live.

 Along with Lisa Worrall, I was lucky enough to be invited to the first MM Romance Meeting in Italy last weekend, organised by Barbara Cinelli, owner of Triskell Edzioni and Emanuela Piasentini of Dreamspinner Italia. These ladies did an awesome job. The meeting was exceptional. I must thank Professor Bonnie for translating as the day went along.

Barbara, Emanuela, Lisa and me (with a dress!!)
At this point I want to thank each and every person we met that day for the welcome, and hugs, and kisses and so many photos. It was like being a rock star for a day.

With Lisa, Professor Bonnie and Elisa Rolle in the background
So why am I talking about the dress? I live in jeans and leggings, and mainly pyjamas as I work from home. I was determined this time to make an effort and I found a dress. I never wear dresses as I'm built like a large ball but it had poppies and was beautiful, I couldn't resist. So white legs and all, I wore a pretty dress for the day.

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