Monday, 25 May 2015

The Will of the People!

I've been distracted the last few days as I followed the referendum in Ireland on the question of same sex marriage. I admit I've done absolutely no writing as I refreshed #MarRef on Twitter on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is the first time same sex marriage has been decided by the people, not by politicians, and in a deeply Catholic country.
Support for Vote YES was everywhere!
I'm not (never ever) going to put a Vote NO image here, but as you can imagine they were just as frequent. 

The mural by Irish artist Joe Caslin on the side of a building on Dublin’s South Great George’s Street. Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA
Celebrities were vocal in their feelings, on both sides of the campaign.

In the UK the vast majority of recent attention has been on the call for a Yes vote by Mrs Brown, with many major national titles carrying the story and the video, in which Brendan O’Carroll’s character asks, “What’s all the fecking fuss?” (from here)
 I watched thousands of (young) people cross the world to come #hometovote. This vote mattered and they came home in their thousands. In one case a guy came home and tweeted that at his polling station the vote was a YES by one vote!

If Friday was like a celebration on Twitter with whole families posting that they'd voted, it quickly became clear that the YES's won the day. Finally it was confirmed that it was confirmed that Amendment 34 to the Irish constitution had passed by 62% to 38%. The YES campaign more than 1.2 million votes, and passed everywhere bar Roscommon.

The bloody amazing Panti Bliss celebrates.

(Picture: AP Photo/Peter Morrison)
Congratulations Ireland. You deserve this victory and the #hangoverforequality you are suffering today.

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  1. It was amazing to be part of this history making weekend ..... hopefully we have started a movement that will spread around the world. Let the people decide instead of the politicians