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Guest Post + Giveaway - The Eagle and The Fox by Nya Rawlins [Blog Tour]

Wounds We Can’t See
- by Nya Rawlins

Centurion lies in the shadow of the Snowy Range in south central Wyoming, a town of 206 souls, where ranching is and always will be a way of life for those strong enough to handle what nature and outside forces throw their way.

Insular, remote, and rugged, the land breeds a special kind of outlook—where everyone is a friend or no one is. There are good people in Centurion and environs: good men like Marcus Colton who spent twenty years keeping company with his distant cousin and business partner Tommy Henderson. But when Tommy passed, Marcus was left to grieve alone…

It was the mirror that was his danger zone. That and the receding hairline and advancing gut and knowing he was fast-forwarding when all he wanted was to apply the brakes. Kind of an oxymoron when he thought about it. With Tommy gone, he’d done nothing but pine for what had been, drowning himself in memories, yet at the same time trying to wipe them out so he wouldn’t have to hurt so much.

Josiah Foxglove wanted nothing more than to serve and protect, but as a young man, watching his family struggle to make ends meet on their small ranch, his options were limited. Like so many before him, he joined the military and became a career MP. Josiah was close to retiring, but an IUD with his name on it turned his world upside down. Returning home, it was his family and the people in Centurion who rallied around him. Now, a few years later, he still suffers the fallout from that instant of time…

On his face the scars were raised and ridged, too whitish smooth to be natural. Inside it was even worse, because you didn’t get to see it, and if you couldn’t see it with your eyes then you saw it in your imagination. That made it a mystery and it took away some choices. Choices like him growing a beard to hide the scars, though he’d been coming around to the idea that it was maybe drawing attention rather than distracting from the disfigurement.

Why he cared was a puzzle he’d yet to solve. It wasn’t like he was anything to look at. But the thigh bone, the hip and the fake knee… Now those made the real difference, because seeing to his family meant he needed to be strong, to take on more than his share of the load. To give back for them stepping up and taking charge of his recovery, going the extra mile every single time, even when it cost them damn near everything.

Him still limping, still getting his sea legs and figuring out how to work around the stock without putting himself or anyone else at risk… that was the challenge. The pain didn’t help either. It wore a man down some days, made it less easy when his brain short-circuited without notice, or he failed to recognize triggers he’d already identified as putting him at risk.

Two damaged men, hiding wounds that never seem to heal, covering their scars, and keeping their secrets close, discover that not everyone in Centurion is good and that protecting their way of life will require sacrifices they may not be prepared to face.

Title: The Eagle and the Fox
Series: Snowy Range Mystery
Author: Nya Rawlyns
Publisher: PubRight
Cover Artist: Dreams2Media
Length: 93265 words
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Blurb: Kit Golden Eagle is running. From poverty, from abuse. Forced to live by his wits, the Ojibwe teen slowly succumbs to living a life of hate and lies.
Josiah Foxglove is given a second chance when he takes over his family's spread in the shadow of the Snowy Range. A veteran of the Gulf War, he came back broken in body and spirit.
Marcus Colton buried his long-time lover and best friend three years ago. Lonely and still grieving, Marcus finds solace in keeping his business afloat but that doesn't help him get through the long, dark nights.
Three damaged souls converge as violence wracks the small community of Centurion, WY. The town protects its own so when Kit Golden Eagle shows up, it’s easy to place blame on the stranger. It looks open and shut, but for Josiah and Marcus the facts simply don’t add up.
Something’s rotten in Centurion, something that smacks of a hate crime…

Marcus whispered. He wasn’t sure why he did, but it seemed appropriate, although his idea of stakeouts was limited to what he’d seen on TV. The actors always complained it was boring. It wasn’t, not if your stomach was tied into knots, and the whiskey you chugged in a fit of pique decided to revisit you in the form of acid reflux.
Josh hissed through the speaker, “Don’t know if we missed him, or if I’m farting in a stiff breeze.”
“Don’t mention stiff, Foxglove.”
Josh snorted, the sound rocketing through the cab and sending Marcus into a giggling jag. He’d barely gotten himself under control when Josh yelped, “Sunny bitch. I think I see the van. Damn fool’s coming down that mountain dark. Jesus Christ.”
Marcus warned, “Best not to start our engines until he’s made the turn and gets ahead of us.”
“Copy that. I’ll take point. Stay back. I don’t want you running up my ass if I have to stop fast.”
“You’re making it hard to concentrate, cowboy.” They’d been teasing each other, slinging innuendo like hash at a country diner. It had helped diffuse the tension.
Josh murmured, “Here he comes.” Marcus tensed, waiting. “What the hell?”
“What? What’s going on?”
“He just flashed his left turn signal.”
Marcus frowned, perplexed. “That’s kind of dumb. Why’d he do that?”
“Signal? Who for crying out loud? We’re the only idjits out here.”
“Maybe we aren’t.”

Nya Rawlyns has lived in the country and on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, earned more than 1000 miles in competitive trail and endurance racing, taught Political Science to unwilling freshmen, and found an avocation in materials science.
When she isn’t tending to her garden or the horses, the cats, or three pervert parakeets, she can be found day dreaming and listening to the voices in her head.
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