Monday, 29 June 2015

Pride & Pornstar Martinis

On Saturday I went to Pride in London. I've been twice now. Seven years ago and yesterday with K.C. Wells. The weather was kind and the atmosphere was great. As a bonus we met up with J.L. Merrow as we waited to get into Trafalgar Square. She had the UK Meet bag and we couldn't fail to spot that.

We found herself a place on the fountain edge, cooked slowly in the sunshine as we waited for the music to start and watched the costumes and the colour. Also people kept giving us gift bags. Thank you, Pride sponsors.

According Lily G. Blunt who was also there I was on the big screen for a few seconds. OOOH!! Fame!

Our police celebrating Pride.

The best part of the whole day was the relaxed atmosphere. Gay couples held hands and kissed, knowing that no one cared. Did the plot bunnies flutter? Did you see that pic?

Then KC (because she knows these things and I begged) took us to Balans in Soho for Pornstar Martinis. Yes, that's what I said. God, these are like liquid heaven. That's all I'm saying. I had more than one. That was KC's fault as well.

Balan's provided survival kits for Pride. Now guys, where were the girl's survival kits? Where was the chocolate?

The roads were packed after that and as two out of three of us didn't do well in crowds we headed back to Trafalgar Square to catch the end of the parade.

Finally we headed home for tea, a sofa and a chance to put our feet up. A great day!


  1. Great post Sue and so glad that you ladies had such a good time. London Pride has always been a great event with both fun and tolerance in abundance!

  2. Excellent post. Was looking for a photo of all three authors together, ah well.. Sounds & looks like a wonderful day was had by all. Our Police all certainly seem to have enjoyed themselves which is cool Wouldn't mind tasting that cocktail myself Sue. :-).