Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hark! The Isle of Wight Beckons

Today I'm off to the Isle of Wight with the kids to see the wonderful K.C. Wells and catch up on some research for The Island Doctor.

Yes, the Isle series is continuing although with new characters. In case you're worried, the Owens are in the book. Can you imagine them not being here? This is an unedited snippet.

Cameron led him up onto wooden decking and into a large restaurant. Jeff had a feeling it was the type of place Tris avoided like the plague as there were small kids in breathing distance. “The guys are over there.” He pointed to one side where a group of men were laughing.
“Cameron!” A short man with immaculately-styled dark hair rushed towards him.
Jeff took a step back.
“Easy,” Cameron said. “It’s only Wig. He can be a bit flamboyant.”
Flaming was the word Jeff would have used. Totally, utterly flaming. He hung back awkwardly as they hugged each other, then Cameron stepped back, saying, “Hey, this is Jeff.”
Wig eyed Jeff but he obviously liked what he saw because he smiled broadly. “Welcome to the Blue Lagoon, Jeff.”
“Thanks.” Jeff held out his hand but Wig ignored it to airkiss him on both cheeks.
“Come on over and meet the rest of them. Boys, this is Jeff. Play nice.”
They all looked up and Jeff felt like it was his first day of school and he had to meet everyone.
“Ignore Wig,” Cameron said. “No one’s going to eat you. This is Jeff Martin, he’s Gran’s GP. Jeff, from the left – Liam, he’s American and shy – Sam, he never shuts up – the eighties reject is Paul, I told you about him already – Olaf, he’s all kinds of cute even if he is huge – don’t growl, Paul. I know he’s yours. Colin, he’s another Owen but he likes girls and Dan, same family, also likes boobs. Just remember they’re all Owens or belong to Owens, okay?”  
Jeff stared at him helplessly and Sam laughed.
“Sit next to us,” Sam said. “You’ll work it out soon enough.”
Jeff settled next to Sam and Cameron squeezed in next to him.
“So how long have you two been screwing?” Paul asked.
Cameron draped an arm around Jeff’s shoulders. “We’re not and Jeff’s just had a nasty breakup so leave him alone.”
In the bevy of ‘sorries’ and ‘sad to hear that, Jeff’, Jeff’s main feeling was that Cameron’s body pressed up against his was making Jeff all warm and he’d really like to just to lean into his chest and stay there. 

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