Saturday, 1 August 2015

Celebrating Male Authors in the M/M Romance genre

I thinks it's time we celebrated the male authors** in the M/M Romance genre. Many of these are picked by my friends on Facebook. There were books that cropped up time and again, but also new ones that I hadn't heard about before. Some authors had multiple choices so I picked one, not always the obvious choice. 

Here are they are in no particular order. If I've missed one of your favourite authors out please leave a comment and I'll add them to the list. Guys, if I left you off the list, apologies. Again leave a comment and I'll add you on. I want everyone!

Bobby and Clyde by Etienne

Dare to Love Forever by JC Wallace

Holding on to Hope by Sid Love

Autumn Changes by B.G. Thomas

Slasherazzi by Daniel A, Kaine

The Next by Rafe Haze

Between the Lines by J. Scott Coatsworth

Willem of the Tafel by Hans M. Hirschi

After The Final Encore by Scotty Cade

Neon White E1 by Wulf Francu Godgluck

The King's Mate by Ashavan Doyon

Luxuria: The Oswald Witches

The Degan Incident by Rob Colton

Meadows Are Not Forever by Ryan Field

Heartbreak Beat by Gregory Jonathan Scott

Finding Him (Gay for You Romance) by Chad Lane

Boystown: Nick Nowak Mysteries by Marshall Thornton

Vivaldi in the Dark by Matthew J. Metzger

The Truest Type by D.W. Marchwell

Boystown: Season One by Jake Biondi

Ansleigh's Grotto by J.T. Cheyanne

Drama Queen: A Nicky and Noah Mystery by Joe Cosentino 

Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas by Bey Deckard

The Alpha King (Passion's Hero 1) by Vicktor Alexander 

Hat Trick by Jeff Adams

The Companion by Lloyd A. Meeker

Happy Independence Day by Michael Rupured

Noah by Ben Ryder

Flavours of Our Life by M.C. Rayne

Dominant Tendencies by Gabriel Belthir 

Best Laid Plans by John Amory

Homo Action Love Story by Ben Monopoli

Shattered Soul by Jason Nichols

Body of Water by Stuart Wakefield

Sunset Island (Caloosa Club Mysteries) by Elliott Mackle

Portal to Logres: The Chronicles of Logres by Philip Ambrose

Incidental Contact 3: Deadly Intentions by Jaxon Grant

Desmond by Ulysses Grant Dietz

Love on the Web by Neil Plakcy

Alien Victory by Mark Zubro

Hope (Home Book 4) by William Neale

Murder in the Arts District (Chanse MacLeod Mysteries Book 7) by Greg Herren

Dead End (Duncan Andrews Thrillers Book 4) by Stephen Osborne

Conway's Curse by Patric Michael

Beyond Machu by William Maltese

The Arnifour Affair (A Colin Pendragon Mystery Book 1) by Gregory Harris

The Haunted Maze by Theo Fenraven

Bleeding Hearts (Killian Kendall Series) by Josh Aterovis

Fadeout by Joseph Hansen

The Little Death by Michael Nava

**Unless an author has acknowledged in public they identify as female they are included in this list. This is an inclusive list.


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  2. Awesome list :)

    Sean Michael.
    Edward Kendrick
    Parker William
    Hank Edwards

    1. Thank you!

      Hank is there already. Also Parker as Will Parkinson.

    2. Yes just saw that sorry

      What about Chad Lane & Chris Owen ??

    3. Thank you so much! Keep giving me names! I'll add them tomorrow.

    4. Or Ryan Field & Ryan Loveless ??

    5. Chris Owen and Ryan Loveless are female. I'm going by Goodreads here. And I know Ryan L.

  3. Are see horribleness, lol

    J Scott Caistworth :)

  4. Replies
    1. Jason Nichols (fb says makes)

      I have another but for the life of me can't remember his name, hm... Maybe someone else will

    2. Wulf Francu Godglunk

      (Finally!! And now I'll leave you alone, lol)

  5. Liam Grey
    Joe Cosentino
    Matt Ortiz
    Jeff Adams
    William Neale
    Vicktor Alexander
    DW Marchwell
    Jacob Flores

    1. Matt Ortiz is fab but his author name it Mathew Ortiz in case you can't find him :-)

  6. Not sure if CB Conwy is male or not
    Gregory Jonathan Scott
    Abraham Steele-he writes short paranormal erotica
    Scotty Cade

  7. Caraway Carter
    Jonathan Penn
    Frey Ortega
    ???Fyn Alexander
    Doug Lloyd
    R.E. Nelson

  8. Dani Alexander (got that wrong and he corrected me)

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  10. Thanks for including me on your list, Sue! =) =) =)

    Here are a few others.

    Bey Deckard:

    Louis Stevens:

    Kol Anderson:


  11. Lachi Denali
    Adam Stevens
    D.W. Skinner
    Michael Bowler
    Aisling Mancy
    Michele Micheal Rakes ( technically female, but identifies as male)

  12. Rob Colton
    What has surprised me is the number of male writers that are using a non gender specific name. I know people have accused female writers of doing that to "cover up" the fact that they are women. Not that I care I just like reading!

  13. Great list. Thanks so much for including me.

  14. Love reading gay romances by gay men. Others to add:

    Richard Stevenson (the Donald Strachey series is legendary!)
    Michael Rupured
    John Amory
    Erik Orrantia
    Ben Ryder

    1. I agree about the Donald Strachey series but is Richard Stevenson an M/M writer or a gay fiction writer?

  15. Gabriel Belthir identifies as male.

  16. I feel awkward about adding my own name, but maybe that's an indication of how well I'm known. My book The Companion finaled in the Lammies this year in the Gay Romance category. I can send a copy of the cover, if you want it.

  17. What a great list, Sue! <3

  18. Mark Zubro
    Greg Herron aka Todd Gregory
    Gregory Harris
    William Maltese
    Josh Aterovis
    Joseph Hansen
    Michael Nava
    Matt Converse
    Mark McNease
    Jack Byrnes
    Brad Vance

  19. I'm working my way through your list now. Jack and Brad are already on there but thank you for all the others.

  20. Oh I just saw this!! Thanks for including me, Sue xoxo