Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cover Reveal - The Rogue Wolf

Meredith Russell has made me a lovely cover for The Rogue Wolf.  Love Lane Books has a tentative publication date of 13th November.

Blurb in progress:

Owen was a bitter lone wolf, thrown out by his pack and left scarred by his wolf for arguing with his alpha. He’d spent six years alone, sometimes working as a day labourer, sometimes living for months as a wolf. By the time he reached Texas he was weak and desperate to hunt. As Owen hunted for prey on the borders of Sapphire Ranch he was shocked to meet two wolves from his former pack. He ran from them only to smell a rich scent filling his senses. Then he was cornered, trapped by a human, and Owen realised to his horror that the delicious scent belonged to the man pointing a gun right between his eyes.