Saturday, 5 September 2015

Learning to Blog

Blogging: You'd think after five years I'd have got this down pat.

Only I haven't. Not at all. After five years I still take hours to write a couple of hundred words. I can write a chapter in the time it takes me to decide what to say. 

I read the 'how to blogs'...

And then I face my own and everything I want to say gets swallowed up in a morass of fuzzy nothingness. I know what I want to say but I can't put it down.  

Politics, religion, sex... okay, not sex

I'm interested in all of it and not afraid to jump in where others fear to tread. Don't talk about any controversial. Bollocks! Let's talk about religion and politics. Let's talk about culture and society. Let's talk about what's happening to LGBT kids and clerks in Kentucky. 

I want to talk about everything. I want to yell to the world. But the minute I saddle up my brain it goes quiet. I read other people's blogs and admire them, I really do.

Maybe one day.

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