Monday, 28 September 2015

Life, Blood Moon and belated Genre Drama

Good morning,

Did you see the blood moon last night? The kids and I got up for about ten minutes at 3am and went back to bed. It was all kinds of awesome but 3am on a school night!

This summed up my experience.
The next paragraph was meant to come out last week - apologies for the delay. It's not meant to start the argument all over again.

Maybe not so much the drama. I've said all I have to say on Facebook about Josh Lanyon and naked butler bums. One recap and that's it.
  1. Your opinion is yours. I don't have to agree with it.
  2. I still think Josh Lanyon is a damn fine writer.
  3. The genre doesn't benefit by drama llamas throwing their toys out of the pram - again - for the nth time. This is not a fandom or some other hobby entertainment. Creating drama is unprofessional.
  4. What was said in the past is just that - in the past. Say it again and we might have words.
  5. It's a shame that the entire UK meet is boiled down to one part of the entertainment of the voluntary gala dinner. For the record I'm not wildly keen on lots of people in a small room (shudder), drag acts or the butlers. Guess what? I experienced it one year and didn't attend the next - problem solved. No fuss.
  6. I agree that creating safe spaces for everyone, especially in our genre, is essential, but I also think discussing them with the right people, the organisers, is the first step to making things happen.
End of discussion. Onto writing.

I'm still trying to finish The Rogue Wolf. The 'lack of words in my brain' issue is no easier. But I do have a very pretty cover from Meredith Russell to help with inspiration. I need to get it down by the end of the month - 3 days EEK! - so that it can go through the editing process. Send me lots of good thoughts to my muse - please!

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