Friday, 9 October 2015

Cover Reveal for Jordan & Rhys

Jordan and Rhys coming November 25th

Eight months after the assault in which his sub and lover was killed, Jordan Nicholls isn’t making much progress in his recovery. Marchant and Ed, Jordan’s friends from the BDSM club, stage an intervention.

They employ a carer to look after JordanRhys may be a sub, but he’s forceful, making Jordan eat and exercise, rather than live on coffee and cigarettes. Despite Jordan’s protests, Rhys slowly forces him back to life.

But Rhys wants to be Jordan’s sub, and despite being protective of RhysJordan’s not sure he can ever return to the BDSM lifestyle. In order for their relationship to continue, they’ll need to find a compromise that meets both their needs.

Thanks to Brooke Albrecht for my lovely new cover art.