Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday? Seriously, It's Friday Already?

How do I describe this week? I think much like last week with a ton more stress. Good outcomes but loads of stress.

I've been working silly hours this week, sometimes not stopping until nearly midnight. I've had to make myself put the computer down just to watch TV with my kids. Anyway -

  • Agents of Shield - loving it. Oh Ward... you're a great baddie.
  • The final CSI Vegas episode - hmmm. Nice final scene but a little low on the tension. I did like the tension between Lady Heather and Sara even if it was predictable. 
  • Doctor Who - my son, who's hated every episode I loved, loved this one. I didn't. *sigh*
  • You, Me and the Apocalypse. I'm reserving judgement but Rob Lowe makes me howl as the priest.
Next... Good news. The Rogue Wolf  is with the editor. I'm hoping for a smoother ride than The Hidden Wolf, but we'll wait and see. I have plans I think for two more, but I'll wait to see how this is received.

Moving on... More good news. I got the cover for Jordan and Rhys which I shall reveal on a separate post. It's by a different artist than the rest of the series, Brooke Albrecht, but I really like it. She's captured the intimacy that I love really well.

Even more good news... My daughter has a job, and even better it was a) the first interview she did and b) she works in the afternoons which means my night owl daughter can sleep in.

Lastly there's bad news. I'll put that on a different post as well. No point dragging this one down completely.

Much love and have a great weekend,


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