Sunday, 4 October 2015

Style. I Ain't Got It

My sister (she whose name I nicked) has always had a style I've envied since I was a teenager. Her hair and make up is always perfect and her clothes make her look amazing. Whereas I live in jeans and sweaters, she's always elegantly dressed. I've tried to emulate her but frankly by my age I've resigned myself to the fact she's got it and I haven't.

With no style sense dressing my characters is a nightmare and they tend to live in t-shirts and sweatpants, or jeans and shirts when they go out. Even with Frankie (Frankie & Al) I was vague about what he wore. It was more about what he wouldn't wear - he contemplating tie-dying his wardrobe when he was bored. Wig (Isle of Waves) is more stylish than my usual guys and I really struggled to describe his clothes. Yes, I did Google stylish gay men.

I would describe most of my men as Marks & Spencers dressers. And that's okay. I mean, safe and you can take him home to mother. Most of my guys are in their thirties or forties, south London guys, None of them really stand out in a crowd. M&S men.

Of course, now David Gandy is involved... Yes. yes (almost) naked Gandy. Maybe I have something else to look at.

Maybe you shouldn't be taking him home to mother dressed in just his briefs.

Isle of Waves

The Isle Series: Book Three 

Wig Tobias and Nibs Tyler have been together for a long while, but this year their love is about to be tested. Their business, the Blue Lagoon Restaurant on the Isle of Wight, is vandalized, and it may or may not be a coincidence that the neighbors want to buy them out. Making matters stickier, the police don’t seem interested in investigating until a friend of the couple, an out of town copper, prods them to take action. 

Their friends, Paul and Olaf, Liam and Sam, and the whole Owens family come to help Wig and Nibs in their time of need. But Paul and Olaf may need a nudge from Wig and Nibs to keep their relationship alive. Meanwhile, a dear friend falls gravely ill. And if that’s not enough, Nibs has been hiding his own medical problems from Wig. When a gale strikes the Isle of Wight, the Blue Lagoon and its owners could be facing the end—unless they and their friends can unravel the knot of misfortune one hitch at a time.

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