Saturday, 24 October 2015

World, You Suck Donkey Balls or When Words Fail This Author

Yesterday I got two pieces of devastating news. Not for me, but for author friends of mine who both lost loved ones over the last couple of days. Since my sister died so many people that I know, on-line and in real life, have lost close relatives and friends, and it sucks world, large donkey balls - the lime-green variety.

I can't do anything to help them except to let them know I'm there. and I am, 24/7. They need me, I'll be there, on the end of a keyboard or telephone or motorway. But in reality there is nothing I can do to make it better for them. Selfishly that's what I want to do, take their pain and shoot it into orbit to explode into the sun in fiery anguish.

What the heck do you say to people who are bereaved? It's the one time when words really fail me. All I think is 'bugger', and I mean that in the British 'Used to express annoyance or anger' sense. Some people know how to say the right thing at times like this, and I don't mean "She's with Jesus now," because that annoys me just as much. They have eloquent words of calm and wisdom and love. I have 'bugger' and a series of other swearwords.

To my friends who've lost their loved ones, I am thinking of you. The words may not be there but the thoughts are. And if there is anything I can do just know that I'll do it.

Always in love.


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