Friday, 27 November 2015

It's Friday Once More

Before I launch into Sue's world, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day to all who celebrate it by eating too much and having a row with Auntie Dot.

This week I've been low. If I was a small furry creature who could hibernate I'd have found myself a pile of leaves and hidden for a while. It's been a year since my sister died and I've struggled to function. Facebook is a wonderful place to admit you feel like shit. So many hugs from friends (and friends of friends). I don't apply the word depression to myself because that minimises the real struggle people who have depression go through, but I have been low.

In the midst of this I had a new release, Jordan & Rhys, and I have a giveaway still running. Sales have been about the same as every other book, which justifies my thinking that I need a break from writing. It's not that I don't love writing because I do, but I have to pay the bills. The gasman waits for no bestseller.

Our genre has been rocked by catfishing and plagiarism once more. I can't face writing more on the subject but I think we deserve better. There are some damn fine authors out there working sweat, blood and tears to bring you books, and some moron steals them? You deserve fleas to your delicate parts. As for catfishing, I am beyond patience with these people. More fleas, more fleas.

I'm going to leave you with my sister's rainbow. I stood at the front of the hotel the day of the funeral and watched her send a rainbow to us all.

I hope you have  a good weekend. I'm going to relax with my kids and maybe do a little painting.

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  1. Sending you love and understanding from Oklahoma. Hope you get to feeling better and all good things start looking up. :)