Wednesday, 3 February 2016

February Fiction 3: Hazel Takes Over Free Read

Today's ficlet is about Peter and Evan from the Lyon Road Vet series.

Night time had turned into a battlefield. Whereas once Peter and Evan had settled under the duvet and immediately sought each in the darkness, now they were separated by the width of a king size mattress. Peter thought about going to sleep in the spare room, but that was the coward’s way out.

Every night followed the same pattern and by now he and Evan barely talked to each other once the light was out. Something had to be done, and soon, otherwise the damage to their relationship would be irreparable.

Peter dropped his toothbrush into the glass and wandered into the bedroom. As usual Evan was reading his book, although Peter was sure Evan hadn’t turned a page for a week. He looked at his husband, noticing the tight lines around his mouth and eyes. Peter gritted his teeth. It was time to man up and deal with the brown furry elephant in the room.

The cause of the problem was, as usual, snuggled up close to Evan, her nose pressed under Evan’s leg and looking as adorable as ever.

But it had to be done.

“Hazel, get down,” Peter said, trying to be firm.

Two faces turned to him, man and dog with mirroring shocked expressions.  

Peter pointed at the unused dog bed in the corner of the bedroom. “Hazel. Get into your bed.”

Hazel hesitated, obviously not believing he meant it, but when he continued to point, she jumped off the bed and slunk into the corner. Peter had to look away from her heartbroken expression.

Evan said nothing until Peter got into bed. “You know she’ll be back on the bed as soon as we fall asleep.”

“I know, but for a while at least I want to cuddle you.” Peter pulled Evan into his arms. “She can wait.” He steadfastly ignored the reproachful gaze being sent his way and rolled Evan onto his back to straddle his hips.

“I thought you wanted to cuddle,” Evan said, his strong hands coming to rest on Peter’s hips.

“I do. After I remind you what we’ve been missing.”

Evan stared up at him. “Why, Mr Mitchell. What’s got into you?”

“Nothing. That’s the problem. I love our little girl but she’s not let us get near each other in weeks.” Peter swept his hands down Evan’s torso, wishing they’d got naked first. “I’m going to fuck you and then you can fuck me.”

“That’s a lot of fucking,” Evan observed.

“We’ve got a lot of time to make up.” Peter wriggled off Evan, and stripped off his T-shirt and pyjama bottoms.

Evan threw his pyjamas vaguely towards the direction of the clothes hamper and lay back down, looking happier than he had done for weeks. Peter straddled him again and bent to kiss him. As their lips met he heard a whimper from the corner of the room.

“Bad, bad Daddy,” Evan murmured against Peter’s mouth.

Peter smiled and focused on loving his man. He could make it up to their dog later.


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