Thursday, 11 February 2016

Morning My Angel:

I'm sure you know this but Meredith Russell rocks!!

She's made me a cover for Morning My Angel. I'm hoping this will give me lots of inspiration to get this comedy/thriller written.

Here's an unedited excerpt.

The message popped up as soon as Josh Cooper logged on.
“Morning Angel.”
Josh blew the message a kiss and typed a greeting in return.
“Morning Charlie. Need coffee.”
Any further communication would have to wait until Josh found caffeine. After two years Charlie knew Josh wasn’t in the mood to talk until his blood stream was eighty per cent caffeine.
Of course, Josh wasn’t really Angel and Charlie was… whoever he was, but if they wanted to greet each other like relics from a seventies TV show then it was no one’s business but their own. Their relationship—if IM could be called a relationship—had started two weeks after Josh began at CDR, when CDR053 had messaged Josh by mistake. When he wouldn’t give his name, Josh had dubbed the mysterious stranger Charlie. The minute Charlie had called Josh his angel, Josh knew Charlie was sent by his goddess, Farrah Fawcett, to brighten Josh’s existence. Josh didn’t hear from Charlie every day. Sometimes weeks would go by without a word but, when he’d log on and receive a “Morning Angel”, Josh would send up a thanks to Farrah for making his day golden.
Josh blew one more kiss at the computer even though Charlie couldn’t see it, and wandered off to find live-saving coffee. It was just after nine in the morning and he was about to drink cup number four, which would elevate him from zombie to almost human. He was unashamedly addicted and if he encountered one of those ‘green tea plucked from the Himalayas only on a full moon in a month beginning with Z’ types he wouldn’t apologize for what came out of his mouth. He liked his coffee black and strong, just like his… dog. Josh didn’t have a dog either.
Whenever he said that people would smirk at him and he’d smirk back. He didn’t care what people thought he was going to say. Josh didn’t give a fuck if his men were black, white, built or tiny. When a guy tried it on, Josh stabbed a finger in his chest. “If you think picking me up and banging me against a wall is a sign of a real man you can think again. ‘Sides, I can probably put you on the floor before you lay on finger on me.” And then he would demonstrate. Josh was a show-not-tell man, and the guys who picked themselves up and ran away weren’t worth his time of day. Enough of them dusted off their butt and stayed to make the demonstration worthwhile.
Josh filled his mug with fresh brewed coffee, took a huge swallow, topped off the mug again and returned to his desk at a leisurely pace, waving to the receptionist as he rounded the corner. She blew him a crimson lip-sticked kiss and he caught it, slapped it to his ass and grinned as she giggled. He sat at his desk, pleased to see the cursor still flashing, and typed a quick “Back again.”
“Been caught by Dominic yet?”
“Not yet.” Josh had slid past the operations manager’s office in the hope of being undetected. He couldn’t cope with Dominic Cook prior to being caffeinated. Charlie found Josh’s fractious relationship with Dominic endlessly amusing. Josh had another word—many words— for their working relationship. Amusing wasn’t one of them.
“Did you hide from him?”
Josh pulled a face at the screen. Charlie knew him far too well. “It’s too early to deal with him.”
It was all right for Charlie to fling random accusations around but he didn’t work for Dominic. Josh wasn’t entirely sure what Charlie did do for CDR and Charlie was annoyingly closed-mouthed.
CDR, named after its founder, Callum David Ross, provided security for anyone who needed it; whether they were celebrities, big companies, or wealthy individuals who could afford CDR’s resources.
Two years previously. Josh had been head-hunted from his former company after he saved one of CDR’s high profile clients from an assassination attempt. Josh always maintained he was just in the wrong place at the right time, but after a cutting interview with Dominic which felt like it shaved the close hairs off his balls, Josh was employed as part of a field team dealing with low profile but high risk clients. The rest of his team were currently two floors up in the gym beating the living shit out of each other. They were the muscle; Josh was the brains. At least in theory. Josh didn’t want to test it out. He had a feeling both men were more than capable of beating him in brains and brawn.
Charlie left a new message. “You’ve got a new assignment.”
Josh frowned at the screen. “How do you know that?”
“You know I’m not going to tell you my sources.”
“Fuck. I’ve just got back from the last one. Mr. Truffles is gonna be pissed.”
Josh had recently been adopted by a chocolate brown cat who’d moved in one day and showed no signs of leaving. So far his neighbor had seen more of Mr. Truffles than Josh had.
“You know Eileen will love to have him again.”
“That’s what I’m worried about, Charlie. I swear one day she won’t give him back.”
“Be careful.”
Josh didn’t think Charlie was talking about the potential loss of a cat. He huffed and stabbed at his keyboard. “I’m always careful. You know that.” He’d built his reputation on protecting his clients and his team.
“I know, Angel. But this isn’t like your usual assignments.”
Josh could almost hear Charlie trying to sooth him but he was still feeling huffy. “I’ll do my job. You know. What I’m paid for.”
“I know you will. Just watch your back. Sorry, Angel. I’ve got to go.”
Josh stared at the screen for a long moment. He’d always suspected Charlie was high up in CDR’s ranks, but for Charlie to know about the assignments before he did only confirmed Josh’s suspicions.
Josh looked up to see his flame-haired operations manager waving from conference room one. “You yelled, oh great one?”
“Cut the crap,” Dominic growled. “It’s too early.”
“Yes, sir!” Josh saluted him smartly.
Dominic growled again. “Get the boys down here now!”
Josh sent a text to both members of his team and then sat back in his chair to finish his coffee. There was no point in rushing. They would take six minutes and forty-five seconds to shower and arrive from two floors up. In the meantime, he wondered whatever the hell was so serious that it had stuck a bug up Dominic’s butt and worried Charlie. He pulled out his notebook and logged this crisis under number 5440. Josh definitely had OCD tendencies, although not many people noticed until they discovered he never forgot anything, invariably to their cost.
Six minutes later Josh headed into the conference room, a full mug of coffee in his hand. Dominic was staring out of the rain-lashed window, a pensive expression on his face. He didn’t turn around as Josh entered. Josh took his usual seat and waited for Dominic to acknowledge him. Forty-five seconds later when the rest of the team arrived, Dominic was still staring out of the window.
Landry and Gil Grover, the so-called muscle of his team, took their seats flanking Josh. Twins, six-foot-four, dark skin, dark eyes, basically sex on legs. Josh had entertained more than one fantasy about being the filling in a muscled sandwich. Unfortunately, they were both straight, laughed at the idea of being in the same bed and had rejected the offer of Josh’s dick on numerous occasions. He kept trying, just for form’s sake. At least now they rejected him without threatening to rearrange his face. Josh didn’t take it personally. He was born to flirt. Sometimes he got lucky.
Gil raised an eyebrow at Dominic’s preoccupation and Josh shrugged in response. Aside from Charlie’s comment he knew no more than they did. Eventually, Dominic dragged himself away from the window to sit down at the table.
Josh leant back and stuck his feet up on the polished surface, crossing them at the ankles. Landry automatically knocked them down again before Dominic exploded. Josh thought about doing it again but decided against it. He was sure the three men in the room weren’t Charlie. Landry and Gil had girlfriends. Gil liked dating stunning models. Landry’s girl was half his height and twice as scary. Dominic had a wife – supposedly. None of CDR had ever seen her. He kept his personal life well away from work.
“If you’re ready to do your job, Mr. Cooper?” Dominic snapped.
Josh slurped his coffee loudly and gave him a condescending wave. “Please, go ahead.”
His red brows almost knitting in his scowl, Dominic tapped at the iPad on the table. The screen on one wall sprang into life showing the round face of a man, his hair thinning on top and grey around the edges, but handsome enough and with a slightly crooked smile and teeth to match.
“Who is he?” Landry asked. Six minutes older and half an inch taller than his twin he was shy in a public situation but was always the one with the questions. It was easy to underestimate Landry. Josh didn’t make that mistake.
“Jonathan Michaels, thirty-eight,” Dominic said. “An entrepreneur who’s now a hedge fund investor in London. He’s gone missing.”
Gil tapped the table. “So why do we need to know about a missing Brit?”
Josh was equally confused. CDR focused on bodyguard work for celebrities and politicians. The agency never touched missing persons’ cases.
“Because he’s a friend of a friend,” Dominic replied. “We’ve been instructed to find him before Scotland Yard’s Serious Fraud Office does. You’re booked on a flight to London this evening. Details of which, along with the hotel information have been forwarded to your emails.”
“We don’t do cases for friends,” Landry said in a flat tone. “Company policy.”
Dominic inclined his head. “Normally yes, but not this time. He’s insisted.”
He was the boss. Josh had never met Callum David Ross but he wasn’t in any hurry to rectify that situation. From office gossip CDR could snap people in half if they crossed him, pull out their intestines and fry them up for dinner. The stories may have been exaggerated but Josh had never met the guy. What did he know?
 “When did he disappear?” Josh asked.
“Three weeks ago. October 30th,” Dominic said. “He left the office at 7pm and never arrived home. The journey from his office to his house in Chelsea takes thirty minutes.”
“And we’re only just getting involved?” Josh knew in K&R three weeks was a lifetime.
“The local law enforcement, the Metropolitan Police, thought he was a jumper as his car was found by the Thames. His body’s not been found, although that’s not unusual. Sometimes they get stuck in the mud but the bodies usually turn up downstream after a few days. If he didn’t jump and he’s still alive, no ransom demand has been made.”
So no kidnap and ransom. “Why us?”
“Because money has gone missing,” Dominic said. “A lot of money, from his clients’ accounts.”
“And Michaels is the prime suspect?” Landry asked.
“That’s the general belief, yes.” Dominic’s frown intensified. He seemed personally pissed off about this case.
Landry leaned back in his seat and slurped his coffee, ignoring Dominic’s glare. “This sounds more like a job for the insurance company than us. An executive skipped off with the cash. Why isn’t their white collar division dealing with it?”
“What are you not telling us?” Gil demanded.
Dominic took a long time to answer but finally he said, “Jonathan Michaels is a partner in this agency. If he isn’t found this agency is at risk.”
Josh snapped his fingers. He knew that name sounded familiar. Before Josh had interviewed for his post, he’d found out all he could about CDR. Jonathan Michaels was the silent partner of CDR. An old college buddy of Callum David Ross and an extremely successful businessman, Jonathan had lent him the money to start the business eight years ago. Now he was in trouble and therefore, potentially, so was the agency. Josh tried not to process the thought that his job was at risk. He loved working at CDR. “Where do we start?”
“I’ve sent you everything we already know about Michaels,” Dominic said. “I’m going to follow the trail this end. There’s no record of him leaving the UK but that don’t mean jack. You coordinate the London operation and report back to me. Darryl and I will stay here and focus on his financials and his movements. Nothing else matters until we find Michaels, dead or alive.”
Josh waited for Dominic to say something else but the operations manager stood and scowled at them all. “Why are you still sitting here? You’ve got a plane to catch.”
Gil looked at Josh. “Meet at your desk in ten?”
“Yeah.” Josh finished his coffee and headed for a refill. He had a ton of phone calls to make before they left. Not the least of which was roping in his neighbor to look after his cat while he was away.
London in November. Christ, why couldn’t Michaels live somewhere hot?

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