Monday, 22 February 2016

Yet Another Plagiarising [insert rude name of choice] Exposed

Yet another plagiarising [insert rude name of choice] has been exposed over the weekend. In this instance a Quinn McGuire decided to pinch Kindle Alexander's Full Domain in its entirety and turn it into an F/F book.

Overnight, I notice Ms McGuire has just one book left on Amazon's shelves and surprise, surprise, it's also plagiarised.

What astounds me is that these [insert rude name of choice] think they'll get away with it. Have they not met readers? Readers are voracious and their tastes span many many genres. Sometimes it takes a while for these plagiarised books to be discovered, as happened to the plagiariser in our M/M community. But it will happen!

And then what? The so-called author loses income, respect and friends of the community they were part of. They do not deserve to be labelled authors.

So many of my friends have been plagiarised I need my toes as well as my fingers to count. Each time, my friends feel violated and bloody livid at this [insert rude name of choice] who think they can earn money off the backs of my friends' sweat, blood and tears.

Like pirates, there is no point appealing to the plagiariser's conscience. They don't have one. Pirates and Plagiarisers are thieves, and no amount of sob stories will change my opinion. I can only hope they will be caught. I have faith in our readers.

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