Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day

This is a comment I've put on Facebook. Rather than do a new blogpost, these are my feelings on International Women's Day.

I'm out for most of today so I'll leave with one (very long) comment. There is a need for an ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬ as there is for Gay Pride, and Black History Month. It's easy to ignore or roll your eyes when sexism is pointed out, but it happens every day. It's easy to say "I don't treat women like that." or "I don't see it therefore it doesn't happen." I can tell you, sexism happens in front of you. You just might not realise it. It happens to the woman who was refused a quotation by a double glazing company until the man of the house was there (me), the woman who discovered she was on a much lower wage than men for doing the same job (me), and the woman who got asked what her breeding plans were before they'd give her the job (me). These examples are minor and aren't dangerous. I've been sexually harassed but not assaulted. I am lucky!
I'm a white cis woman who appreciates the privilege she has. And if anyone starts a thread with privilege doesn't exist like the last time I mentioned it, I'll block you very happily and we'll move on with our lives. I never wanted to be a man. Just to have the same privileges and expectations that men have without thinking about it. I appreciate that women in other countries have a far worse life than I could imagine. That's why this day is important. We can celebrate the women inventors, authors, scientists and sportwomen. We can recognise the women putting their lives on the line as soldiers. We can support women in other countries aiming to improve their lives. We should be supporting all women.
This is not the day to say I have it worse than you. This is the day to celebrate and show support for half the human race. And for all women out there, you're amazing.
Much love, Sue xx

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