Monday, 25 April 2016

Graphics for My Books

I've been playing with very simple promotional graphics for my books, using Canva. I hope to get more experienced, but in the meantime they've provoked some comments, and hopefully some sales!

I paid for a marketing course on Twitter. I wanted to look at something outside of the genre. Before you roll your eyes, I've been following Jonathan Gunson for a couple of years now; had minor Twitter discussions with him about marketing. He's a very pleasant and motivational guy to follow.

It's not about following something blindly. It's about adapting the suggestions to your situation. Hence book graphics - probably more promo than I've done for a while.

Anyway, I'm trying to update all my book links on the blog, and produce a graphic for each book and
series. Bear with me as it may take a while. But it gives me a chance to remember why I love these books.

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