Friday, 6 May 2016

Publishing Plans and Things

You may have noticed I've slowed down considerably this year, not pushing out as many releases as the last three years. The reason is simple. Sales are not matching effort and I'm tired. It's happening to a lot of authors, I'm not the only snowflake on the block. But rather than melt I'm giving myself a break.

I've mentioned quitting writing altogether, but that's hard! I like writing. So new idea, I'm going to write in another genre or three, between the odd commitments I have.

Morning My Angel is still MM, but an erotic comedy thriller. I've posted a very unedited start before.

I'm also writing a het romance. Yes, I know I swore blind I'd
never write het but we all change our minds. I have a series of 4 books, and Gabriel's Storm is the first.

Draft blurb - Although he’s hated storms since one claimed the life of his wife and child,Gabriel fights through strong winds and high seas to rescue a young woman trapped on a sinking boat. Because he’s cut off from the hospital, he takes the woman back to his house to recover only to discover she’s taken a bad knock to the head and can’t remember much except her name, Tempeste.
With a series of storms approaching Gabriel asks Tempeste to stay. Then he discovers the village is in danger and the village needs to be evacuated. Rather than run away Tempeste offers to help and Gabriel discovers he’s falling in love with a woman who only knows her name.

I also want to finish my crime novel... I've been saying that for a long time now.

I hope you love my two covers by the lovely Meredith Russell.

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