Sunday, 5 June 2016

Conversations with New Friends

Last night I went to a birthday party for one of my author friends. No, I didn't disgrace myself... even with the gnome.

It was an interesting and extremely eclectic group of people in age, interests and nationalities, and the conversations reflected that fact. Of course, for an author, it's plot bunny heaven. I never realised before I started writing that an author's brain never switches off.

The temptation to grab a notebook is overwhelming at times, but I was a good Sue. I sat and listened although I think I've probably got another four potential plots to go in the Notebook - capitalised to emphasise its important as the holder of plots.

I always describe myself as writing domestic fiction, because what I like is writing about how ordinary people's lives entwine. Not the billionaire and the princess, but the insurance clerk and the vet. Although if I look through the romance lists maybe I ought to change that philosophy. Have you noticed that the heroes have to be billionaires now. Millionaires aren't enough.

One of the things I am always aware of when I talk to strangers is what a sheltered life I've led compared to a lot of people. Some of that is by choice. I don't people too well. But it is interesting to listen to other people talk about their lives. People are fascinating. I don't think they realise just how interesting they are.

Anyway, have a great week, and be careful who you talk to... an author maybe listening.  

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  1. *nods* I'd much rather write about ordinary people than billionaires any day. Much more interesting. :)