Monday, 6 June 2016

Piracy is Stealing

I read. I love books. I LOVE books. When I was a kid I wasn't out on my bike from dawn until dusk. I had my nose stuck in a book - hundreds and hundreds of books. We had no money so mainly I got books from the library, with loads of books at birthday and Christmas. Yes, I got my books from libraries, but I didn't feel the need to rush into the nearest book shops and steal from the shelves. Between the library, sales, and presents I fed my book addiction.

Before I carry on with this post, I want to say that Sarah Madison wrote a bloody excellent post on entitlement on the latest piracy furore. Please read it. Her post says exactly what I want to say. This is just one excellent paragraph.

Forget about the effort it takes to write a story. Let’s ignore the author’s contribution to this endeavor and deny them any right to be paid for their creativity. This ‘art should be free’ argument completely discounts the fact someone has to pay the editors, cover artists, formatters, distributors, book promotions teams, buy a dealer’s table and so on. I guess entitled readers expect that investment to come out of my own pocket with no hope of return. And if authors didn’t pay someone to for these services, we’d have to do them ourselves, taking time away from writing to do so. Not to mention a shabby editing job or poorly executed cover is one of the first things readers will complain about. Read the rest here.
When I offered the Hairy Harry books for free on All Romance eBooks over 3k were downloaded. In the previous month I'd sold 1 per book. But you see that was my choice. I was more than happy to do that. I'm happy to put my books on sale and to have the occasional freebies. I'll give out ARCs to those who want to read them. My choice!

Piracy is Stealing

What isn't my choice is getting pirated all the time. My sales are shite, but there's no shortage of Sue Brown downloads. I know that the people who steal my books wouldn't buy them. I'm not naive enough to think people will suddenly see the error of their ways and actually part with their cold hard cash. But please don't try and convince me that I should be grateful for the exposure or that if people discover me through pirated copies they'll go and buy my latest book. Of course they won't. They'll download more pirated copies ffs.

Over the last few weeks we've had readers suggest that they shouldn't have to pay for a writer's creativity and now that authors make so much moolah that they should deal with piracy. Maybe if they are mainstream authors, bucko, but not in a small genre like ours. Every sale counts.

There are sales and giveaways, competitions, Rafflecopter and Bookbub. And above all, an author's generosity because they want you to read their books. Why do you have to steal?

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